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Digital evolution has a double soul

A fresh and dynamic approach is what we believe in. All this is possible thanks to a team with an average age of 38, with equal number of men and women. A heterogeneous group for what regards education and background, in which there are both graduates and non-graduates, united by talent and passion for their work, essential traits that animate our company. Nubess is this, we are this: competence, experience, but above all people.


We are a digital factory

Knowledge, competence and training are the elements that characterize the group of Developers. A young team, strongly connected to the nearby University of Pisa, where Nubess gathers talents to develop innovative products and integrate the already developed solutions with the best technologies of the moment. A modus operandi that is reflected on the client, who finds in Nubess an interlocutor able to meet specific needs and find new answers guaranteeing efficiency, performance, design and usability.


We re-think your business

Analysis, coaching, listening, learning. Highly qualified professionals, able not only to give technical support, but also to accompany customers through a real path of evolution and growth in the digital sphere. A path that starts from the interpretation of the company's needs and continues in the constant confrontation with the client, with a view to improve efficiency and development. Experience gained in the field is transformed into a valuable tool for Nubess' consultants, who, thanks to the presence and active participation in each project, have the opportunity to grasp input and rework the acquired knowledge to develop new products



We are looking for Talents


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