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Digital philosophy

Technology, Knowledge, People

A passionate Team

We accompany our customers along the path of digital evolution, providing them with Knowledge, Technology, Consultancy, Flexibility and Integrated Vision; all factors that represent an added value to our clients' growth process. Our work starts here.

We are a consultancy company, specialized in digital projects from the implementation and integration of software solutions for the management of Customer Relations & Marketing, job orders and projects to the management of agents, e-commerce, Customer Service and Industry 4.0.

We apply a consolidated method ensuring the success of our customers thanks to the implemetation of various software solutions that allow business development and the improvement of organizational processes. Analysis of scenarios and markets, strategies and solutions tailored to customer needs, control and optimization of performance: all this is the basis of a methodology that cannot disregard advice and customer care.

At Nubess, we believe in building an effective and lasting relationship with our customers, in a constant exchange of information to assure continuous improvement for those who are not content to emerge, but want to become leaders in their market.

Market specialization

We know our customers, their stories, their needs, their problems. We have explored their world and responded specifically to their requests: They were the first to believe in us and continue to do so, this is our advantage.


Constant commitment in projects and research activities of cutting-edge technologies and equipment, to develop new products and evolve the solutions already in place. To improve, always.

Flexibility and Adaptation

Each customer is the protagonist of a unique project, characterized by elements and peculiarities that distinguish it. Customization is the first step towards the development of successful solutions.

Investment in people

A growing team and constant training: our evolution is yours. Staying up-to-date is not enough, the market needs to be anticpated with knowledge and competence. This is our answer.