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Consultancy, Digital & Technology

Each of our projects has its roots in the know-how and experience gained when working at client companies. Each project arises from an indispensable phase of organizational consultancy in which our Project Managers, together with the customer, proceed to a complete mapping of the company's processes. Each application managed and implemented by Nubess is based on a semi-finished software that is then customized and parameterized according to the client's specific requirements.

Professional Service Automation (PSA)

Nubess, through the implementation of Milestone Enterprise a Professional Service Automation (PSA) software helps professional service teams align their entire services workflow from sales to project management and finance in one unified platform. There are five main areas of analysis and optimization of processes: administration and billing, activity planning and ticketing, human resources and inventory management, project management and financial control. The software quantifies and qualifies the basic processes according to specific metrics, to obtain a detailed picture of the overall efficiency and productivity of the individual projects.

Human Resource Management

Human resources are a key determinant factor in business processes. At Nubess, with Milestone Enterprise, Human Resources Software and Mobile App, we give the right technological response to companies that want to streamline and simplify HR processes. The adoption of a software for HR management is the strategic approach to the effective management of people in an organization leading to important improvements in all the main organizational processes: information, organization and administration, security and performance, helping the business gain a competitive advantage.

Internet of Things & Industry 4.0

Industries are experiencing a real revolution, a transformation that is progressively but rapidly leading to the integration of traditional production lines with new instruments and digital devices. Sensors, Virtual and Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence are the new tools made available to companies to make their production more efficient, paying attention to safety, sustainability and process optimization. The projects we have implemented in this area help companies to anticipate the future, thanks to an efficient interconnection between physical assets, people and management applications.

CRM & Marketing Automation

Starting from the in-depth analysis of the client's business needs, we customize and integrate NubessHub, our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Marketing Software. In this way we are able to organize, manage and streamline marketing activities, from customer acquisition to customer loyalty. This type of software is declined in many functionalities, including the management of landing and launch pages for the collection of leads, the subsequent management and monitoring of leads and e-mail automation. The CRM software can be integrated into the Milestone Enterprise project management software solution.

Sales Force Automation

Sales Force Automation (or Sales Force Automation, often abbreviated as SFA) includes a series of IT solutions to assist sales agents and teams, facilitating and coordinating the communication between sellers and the company. NubessHub's platform allows the management of a bi-directional company-agent data flow through a real-time agent APP. Sales Force Automation projects manage customer data with visit reports, credit control and geolocation, organise personalised catalogues and price lists, allow to compile and monitor orders, is equipped with a notification system and graphometric signature. It also has an interface aimed at the Sales Department for data control and operational provisions.

E-commerce & Order Management

We create digital E-commerce and Order Management projects that can manage, in a single solution, NubessHub, the promotion and sale of everything, anywhere, to anyone, at any time. Whether physical or virtual products, online on an e-commerce site, through an app on your smartphone, on a marketplace, throug social media, or in a brick and mortar shop, Nubesshub allows you to sell to a private customer or btb, at any time, quickly, comfortably and safely. We provide the ideal tool for companies to increase their business and intercept new audiences.

Computerized & automated Customer Service

An efficient, fast and proactive Customer Care service is fundamental in today's companies: the customer must be constantly supported and assisted in the problems that arise from time to time. The use of a specific Customer Service Software allows to simplify the reporting and resolution of trouble tickets, organize and manage requests for assistance in an orderly and timely manner, monitor the extent, time and resources used in each activity. All this turns into shorter times and greater efficiency, with relative optimization of the entire process and of the company workflows. We create Customer Care projects that can be integrated into both Milestone Enterprise and NubessHub solutions.


Each company represents a world of its own, each customer tells a story, has a history and specific needs that often cannot be labeled clearly. Nubess implements complex digital projects, which see the collaboration of several sectors and require extensive skills and a strong adaptability. Our team of consultants and developers follows and accompanies the client during all phases of the project from analysis, development through to implementation, start up and after sales support, allowing the realization of digital projects customized to the needs and characteristics of each company.



Nubess ME

Nubess ME

  • Centrality of human resources 
  • Management of extended business parameter
  • Corporate reticolar control

Nubess ME is an ERP software designed and developed for manufacturing and service companies with project-based orders. Versatile, modular and highly customizable, it can be integrated with any accounting system and is able to manage the entire life cycle of the order and the company projects.



  • All in one, multichannel E-commerce Order Management
  • Fully integrable with all kinds of ERP systems 
  • Customizable 
All-In-One software solution, fully integrable and customizable for digital projects: CRM & Marketing, multi-channel E-commerce and Order Management, Sales Force Automation, Customer Service and more.