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Assistant to the managment

Efficiency and reliability at your service

What is your role in Nubess? In Nubess I cover the role of Assistant to the Management, a transversal figure assigned to different tasks, ranging from being "first face and first voice" of Nubess, assistance to the General Management and support to the Administration and Marketing Management teams. This last aspect, of support to different areas, certainly characterizes my role, which is of peculiar dynamism, as the various nature of these sectors lead me to face very different tasks.

What do you think is the contribution you can make to the company? What is your added value? I think that my experience, both in legal and administrative matters, is a valuable contribution for the company; while I believe reliability is my added value. 

Part of your role is to alternate internal and external relations, interface with the Management and other members of the company, but also with all those who enter Nubess. Keeping the situation under control is essential. How do you succeed? Good question! First of all, I face the day with a smile, essential in terms of human relations with both customers and colleagues. As for my role, I would say that it is natural to be able to "turn page" quickly to juggle different tasks, and this also thanks to my previous experience in the legal sector, which certainly taught me to be, so to speak, multitasking, having faced every day problems of the most varied nature, each to be solved with the most suitable solution. It has matured me a lot also having had to entertain relationships with peoplen very different roles, from the customers to the staff of the Chancelleries, to the Judges up to the counterparts.

Your training and your previous experiences took place in a very distant area. What aspects of this professional baggage do you find useful in your work today? In addition to what has already been said, I would say that the baggage of the knowledge of contracts and the management of debt collection is certainly valuable.

Speaking of your future, what are your goals? What do you expect from this new work experience? I simply hope to meet the expectations of my managers. I hope to grow personally and professionally together with Nubess.


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