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Complex projects are her daily bread

What is your role in Nubess? I am an ERP Consultant.

What do you think is the contribution you can make to the company? What is your added value? I am determined and correct, I try to give the maximum in respect to my potential and I think this represents a good starting point. I believe that the added value of a person can only be measured with time.

How do you approach new projects? What kind of relationship do you tend to create with customers and collaborators? I think that  people are a fundamental point for every company and, as such, I try to make my human and professional contribution, in order to create a pragmatic and empathetic relationship with clients and colleagues. Each project is a particular and unique path that leads to the knowledge of different worlds and different people. My initial approach is always analytic, I try to understand the need of my interlocutor and the modality of approach that is in keeping with his way of being. Each project is a journey, an experience and it is worthwhile undertaking it with the right dose of proactivity.

Your training and your previous experiences took place in an apparently distant environment, that is in Communication. What aspects of this professional baggage do you find useful in your work today? Actually my previous work experience is in the same area, I came to Nubess with some experience i this area. My educational background, on the other hand, may seem distant, but it is only partly so. University training in the Communication sector has provided me with the useful skills to be able to learn concepts belonging to different sectors, to create interactive and constructive relationships with the interlocutors and to provide my profession not only with a technical approach, but above all with human development. The flexibility of reasoning and the ability to understand, in my opinion, reside at the basis of any human-work relationship and contribute to increase their professional performance.

Speaking of your future, what are your goals? What do you expect from this new work experience? The future is what we live today and I try to live everyday life with positive stimuli, trying to learn as much as possible from my colleagues and from the realities with which I intereact. The goals serve to outline a point of arrival, but the path is the most important part of a journey. I hope that my path in Nubess will be dynamic and, from how it started, I do not think it will disappoint me.


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