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Customer Care

Customer Care: Our way of being

From marketing to after sales, 360 degrees of customer care

Because technology without people doesn't count

Much more than simple technical support, Customer Care includes a series of capillary activities that involve the entire company at every level. It starts when the customer is still a prospect and proceeds to after-sales service. A complex and often underestimated job, which consists not only in providing assistance, but above all in accompanying and supporting the client, sharing his goals and needs. Ours is a mission, a goal that we set to grow together with our customers.

In a reality increasingly focused on automatic response systems and technical support, we have decided to give our customers voices and faces who respond to every request and need. Customer care starts in the marketing department, which is coordinated by Judith Montanelli, continues during the realization of the single projects at the hands of our consultants, and ends with customer service managed by Veronica Lucchesi and Benedetta Forassiepi. Through all these phases customers find first hand assistance in the person of Martina Vannini who is besides assistant to the directors also in charge of hospitality. "A choice not at all obvious in our industry" - comments Judith - "We have people, knowledge and skills to make sure that our software not only works but that it reflects the reality and the world of each customer. This is possible thanks to the advice we can provide and it is also what sets us apart ".

"Our role" - says Benedetta, Customer Service NubessHub - "is not only to record requests and anomalies, but also to give support and advice regarding evolutive needs. The beauty of our work is that everything is done and developed in-house, we do not outsource, so we always remain in charge ". A disadvantage? Quite the contrary. As Veronica, Customer Service Milestone Enterprise explains, our products are subjected to continuous revision and updating, thanks to the ideas of developers, consultants and customers. “Working closely with the customers, designing custom projects, we can understand how to improve our products and possibly integrate some of the customizations required in a specific projects".

As in all social relationships, customer relationships need two fundamental elements: being able to listen and give proper attention. Details, such as a "Good Morning" said cordially by a person whose name and surname you know, or the possibility of explaining your needs to someone who knows your company, with the certainty of having an immediate and courteous response. Details, but they have a decisive influence on the image of a company. As Martina points out "the fact that the customer receives an immediate response or is promptly contacted, is important when you supply personalised products".

Continuously and consistently pursuing such an approach requires the use of resources and constant commitment: "For a company like ours specialized in information technology and consulting" - explains Judith - "the greatest challenge is to maintain customer satisfaction". Nubess has a very precise conception of customer care, which is carefully implemented in every area of the company.


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