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SMART – SHOES, The intelligent shoe factory

The goal of Project Smart-Shoes, participated by Nubess and various other partners,  is creating an Intelligent Factory equipped with innovative ICT systems, robotic production systems, and advanced e-commerce tools for the production and distribution of high qualiy shoes.

The goal is to turn a traditional shoe factory, where craftmanship and quality prevail, into an Intelligent Factory (fully computerized), without sacrifying the first.  This kind of projects are necessary to ensure the survival of Italian companies in to global market: the entire production phase is reorganized through the creation of a new software platform, completely integrated with the company's erp and design systems allowing the organization of all phase from product design to production and integrated e-commerce.

In addition to this, the production itself is innovated introducing advanced robotization, a system able to identify and realize the best basic combination on the geometry of the pieces, detected through 3D scanner systems: the challenge of mechatronics is to receive and replicate the experience of specialized technicians.

Finally, the project contains the realization of a new online configuration system which collects and processes information given by website  users, proposing models of products and services allowing the customization of the individual elements of the shoe.

Once an e-commerce order is received the system will automatically calculate the bill of materials, adjust the inventory and update the production program. 

Find out more about the Smart Shoes project "INTELLIGENT SHOES: Operation / Project financed in the framework of the POR 2014 ERDF Tuscany"