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Progetto FIND – Training in tomorrow's industries

With Project FIND Nubess and its partners intend to create an innovative "training system" that proposes a systematic and validated application of modern technologies (Augmented Reality, Robotics, Automation, Sensors, Cloud, IoT, Big-data, Virtual Reality), all of them cornerstones of Industry 4.0.

The project wants to disseminate information and training in companies in an innovative and high tech way, with the possibility of using the information thus acquired for the optimization of business processes. The concept of "training", in project FIND, will cover various aspects:

- training of staff on traditional aspects, linked to specific technical skills and raising the level of preparation, but with new tools and new approaches, immersive, effective and more stimulating (eg multimedia content or the application of new techniques training);

- a new way of providing information to personnel: only what is needed and just in time (for example: technical information directly on board the machine);

- training and control of personnel on aspects of safety in the workplace (for example by digitally touching the positive or negative consequences of the actions of individuals);

- staff training in relation to process control with the possibility of communicating through high-tech technologies with operators, providing "just in time" man-machine information;

- the analysis, processing and use of data acquired for the purpose of better business management.

FIND intends to revolutionize the training paradigm in the business environment, providing a technological platform that will allow workers and / or interested stakeholders to facilitate and speed up the acquisition of specific skills necessary to perform a specific role, a specific task and / or move in autonomy and security in the different companies.

Industry 4.0 technologies will be exploited for the purpose of a more innovative, immersive and effective company training thanks to AR / VR and high quality multimedia content.

The innovative training can be delivered directly in the workplace through mobile devices provided to operators. These devices, interconnected by means of an innovative platform, will also be able to provide, thanks to IoT sensors and high tech devices, Big Data, appropriately processed and made usable, for a better management of processes and protection of workers' safety.

In short, FIND will find the appropriate and necessary information for that specific user, in that specific position, which is working on that specific machine, in that specific moment and will make it usable in an automatic and direct way. 

FIND, which in Italian stands for Training in tomorrow's industries, will thus be a modern information dissemination system.