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Case Study


Contract Furniture

One Tool to manage contract manufacturing orders


Tecnoshops Design & Contract is a leading name in interior design and contract manufacturing with customers all over the world, especially on the Russian market. Tecnoshops Design & Contract produces commercial display furniture and works for large stores, boutiques and showrooms.


Tecnoshops had the necessity to simplify and improve the process of project cost estimation and project quotation. It wanted to increase business process efficiency thorough planning and controlling business processes related to estimations (customers / suppliers) and to the management of the orders.


Milestone Enterprise has been chosen as a platform for the management of contract manufacturing.


The collaboration between Tecnoshops Design and Contract and Nubess has been developed in four areas:

- Commercial: Starting from Technoshop's customer quotation request, the software develops the specifications and integrates third party suppliers;
- Production and Logistics: following the commercial phase, the various activities are planned and monitored;
- Management Control: control of ordinary (expected) and extraordinary costs (unexpected costs);
- Finance Control: the management flows merge into the Administration and Accounting Office for the Company's Tax Management.


Milestone Enterprise allows Companies that operate in the Contract manufacturing sector to:

- Have a unique and integrated platform to manage communications and relations with suppliers (RFP requests, comparison offers);
- Monitor the budget in real time at both project and company level;
- Plan the project's activities on time;
- Optimize internal resources.